Our teams


Our teams are formed from professionals specialised in their trade and located throughout the world, working hand-in-hand to successfully complete your multilingual projects:


Nos équipes de professionnels.

Our teams of professionals.

1. The technical/projects team

This team groups together our project managers, who boast a university qualification in the specialised, multilingual translation professions. The team works on a project from the technical study phase, through quality control to delivery.

2. Sales team

This team is formed from our technical sales representatives with experience in numerous fields of activity and able to manage partnerships of international stature.

3. The translator network

In permanent contact with our technical/projects team, the global translator network is formed from translators working exclusively into their mother tongue and from professional interpreters specialised per sector of activity and/or subject area.


All of our teams also work to ensure strict compliance with the European standard EN 15038 and with the customer specifications.