Subtitling, Voice-overs, Dubbing


ABALIS opens the gates to the whole world!

To help you issue your audiovisual communication media in all international languages, for many years ABALIS has been developing a partnership with a network of world-renowned experts in the fields of subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing for multilingual subtitles and closed captioning for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. ABALIS works for the divisions of major groups, cinema, television, video and institutions.


  The subtitling process is as follows:

  • Tracking and positioning of subtitles;
  • Adaptation to and from all languages;
  • Exportation of a subtitle file in the desired format (srt, stl, xml, etc.)
  • Embedding of subtitles in the original format or insertion and manufacture of an address system.




ABALIS regularly provides dubbing or voice-over services and performs all works from adaptation to the casting of actors, recording and mixing and delivery of the desired masters (soundtracks or files) with design and creation of credits.


The voice-over or dubbing process is as follows:

  • Adaptation;
  • Casting of actors;
  • Management of artistic direction and actor fees;
  • Rights management;
  • Recording and Mixing;
  • Design and Credits;
  • Creation and delivery of the address system.

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