IT translation

La maîtrise de la traduction informatique

Expertise in IT translation.

ABALIS: a selection of linguists specialised in IT translations

ABALIS has been providing IT translation services intended for multilingual communications for many years.


A high-quality IT translation helps promote a good company image.

To work in this field of activity, ABALIS has set up terminology databases and specific glossaries that are constantly being updated.






Here are a few examples of documents that fall within the « IT translation » category:

  • websites;
  • software;
  • programmes.

 ABALIS works with experts specialised in computer science.

IT translations are performed by professional translators with expertise in the field of computer science.

In order to guarantee a high-quality IT translation, the following rules are applied at ABALIS:

  • Translation exclusively into the mother tongue by a translator specialised in the field in question and residing in the country of the target language;
  • Proofreading performed by a second translator of the same mother tongue with expertise in the field;
  • Control and strict application of the drafting rules in the IT field according to the languages (e.g.: xml, html, etc.);
  • Use and continuous improvement of the terminology databases and specific glossaries;
  • Strict application of the confidentiality agreement for the source or target documents and reference documents transmitted.

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