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Quality Process


1. A strict, permanent confidentiality process

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ABALIS TRADUCTION has been working for many years to ensure strict compliance with the confidential nature of the source documents transmitted by its customers and exercises the greatest discretion during interpreting assignments performed for the latter.

Within the scope of a customer partnership, a standard “confidentiality agreement” is proposed to establish a trust-based relationship. In order to guarantee secure transfer of data from its customers, ABALIS provides a file transfer platform (accessible in 11 languages)

2. A quality assessment process

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Before entering into a partnership, ABALIS offers a free appraisal service analysing its customers’ source and target documents in their native format using translation memories.

When first entering into a partnership, reference documents can be sent in the source and target languages to generate translation memories. This process helps ensure consistent quality and may result in the creation of a reference glossary of terms between the customer and ABALIS.

Style aspects are also taken into account during this step.

3. A reliable management process for multilingual projects

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  • Requests are received at a single address or on our extranet ;
  • Requests are recorded and allocated a file number XXXXX with instant transmission of a confirmation message to the customer;
  • A project manager is appointed, the technical study is launched and the quote is generated;
  • The signed agreement is received at a single address or by fax at +33 (0)2 38 22 65 01;
  • a project launch confirmation message is recorded and sent under the project number XXXXX providing the provisional delivery deadline for the translation and/or interpreting assignment;
  • The agreement and/or order is reviewed (e.g.: verification of the source documents, language combinations and reference glossaries);
  • The translation project is launched and/or the interpreting assignment is prepared with the network of experts and according to the language combinations and/or subject areas of the multilingual project;
  • Page layout works for the translated documents;
  • The translations are systematically checked/reviewed by a second professional translator specialised in the field and proofreading into their mother tongue;
  • Technical/commercial assistance during interpreting assignments;
  • Delivery at a single address or on our extranet

4. A strict selection process for specialised translators and interpreters

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In order to guarantee optimal quality, we recruit all of our external translators according to a strict process compliant with standard ISO 17100:

  • Receipt of the C.V.,
  • Test and/or assessment order according to the language combinations and areas of expertise,
  • Signature of a “confidentiality agreement“,
  • Recording in our database per language combination, specialisation, subject area and sector of activity, surveillance and scoring (A, B, C system).

5. A continuous improvement process

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The weekly monitoring of our “Continuous Improvement Plan” enables us to maintain an optimum quality level in all our approaches.

All of our teams also work to ensure strict compliance with the European standard ISO 17100 and with the customer specifications.

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ABALIS presents itself to you as the ideal partner for your international communications!

Feel free to contact us for more information!
Traduction Juridique Orleans
Traduction Juridique Loiret
Traduction Juridique Region Centre
Traduction Assermentée Orleans
Traduction Assermentée Loiret
Traduction Assermentée Region Centre
Traduction Médicale Orleans
Traduction Médicale Loiret
Traduction Médicale Region Centre
Traduction Financière Orleans
Traduction Financière Loiret
Traduction Financière Region Centre
Traduction Technique Orleans
Traduction Technique Loiret
Traduction Technique Region Centre
Traduction Scientifique Orleans
Traduction Scientifique Loiret
Traduction Scientifique Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Juridique Orleans
Agence De Traduction Juridique Loiret
Agence De Traduction Juridique Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Orleans
Agence De Traduction Loiret
Agence De Traduction Region Centre
Verhandlungsdolmetschen Orleans
Verhandlungsdolmetschen Loiret
Agence Traduction Juridique Orleans
Agence Traduction Juridique Loiret
Agence Traduction Juridique Region Centre
Abalis Orleans
Abalis Loiret
Abalis Region Centre
Traduction Touristique Orleans
Traduction Touristique Loiret
Traduction Touristique Region Centre
Verhandlungsdolmetscher Orleans
Verhandlungsdolmetscher Loiret
Verhandlungsdolmetscher Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Tourisme Orleans
Agence De Traduction Tourisme Loire
Agence De Traduction Tourisme Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Marketing Orleans
Agence De Traduction Marketing Loiret
Agence De Traduction Marketing Region Centre
Liaison Interpreting Orleans
Liaison Interpreting Loiret
Liaison Interpreting Region Centre
Interprétariat Orleans
Interprétariat Loiret
Interprétariat Region Centre
Agence Traduction Marketing Orleans
Agence Traduction Marketing Loiret
Agence Traduction Marketing Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Médicale Orleans
Agence De Traduction Médicale Loiret
Agence De Traduction Médicale Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Lyon Orleans
Agence De Traduction Lyon Loiret
Agence De Traduction Lyon Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Professionnelle Orleans
Agence De Traduction Professionnelle Loiret
Agence De Traduction Professionnelle Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Multilingue Orleans
Agence De Traduction Multilingue Loiret
Agence De Traduction Multilingue Region Centre
Traduction Informatique Orleans
Traduction Informatique Loiret
Traduction Informatique Region Centre
Deaf Traduction Orleans
Deaf Traduction Loiret
Deaf Traduction Region Centre
Interprétariat Simultané Orleans
Interprétariat Simultané Loiret
Interprétariat Simultané Region Centre
Abalis Traduction Orleans
Abalis Traduction Loiret
Abalis Traduction Region Centre
Agence Traduction Financière Orleans
Agence Traduction Financière Loiret
Agence Traduction Financière Region Centre
Simultandolmetschen Orleans
Simultandolmetschen Loiret
Simultandolmetschen Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Informatique Orleans
Agence De Traduction Informatique Loiret
Agence De Traduction Informatique Region Centre
Konsekutivdolmetschen Orleans
Konsekutivdolmetschen Loiret
Konsekutivdolmetschen Region Centre
Interprète De Liaison Orleans
Interprète De Liaison Loiret
Interprète De Liaison Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Technique Orleans
Agence De Traduction Technique Loiret
Agence De Traduction Technique Region Centre
Simultaneous Interpreter Orleans
Simultaneous Interpreter Loiret
Simultaneous Interpreter Region Centre
Traduction Rse Orleans
Traduction Rse Loiret
Traduction Rse Region Centre
Liaison Interpreting Meaning Orleans
Liaison Interpreting Meaning Loiret
Liaison Interpreting Meaning Region Centre
Simultandolmetschung Orleans
Simultandolmetschung Loiret
Simultandolmetschung Region Centre
Commercial Translator Orleans
Commercial Translator Loiret
Commercial Translator Region Centre
Relecture Traduction Orleans
Relecture Traduction Loiret
Relecture Traduction Region Centre
Sprachkombination Orleans
Sprachkombination Loiret
Sprachkombination Region Centre
Traduction Tourisme Orleans
Traduction Tourisme Loiret
Traduction Tourisme Region Centre
Traductrice Technique Orleans
Traductrice Technique Loiret
Traductrice Technique Region Centre
Commercial Translation Orleans
Commercial Translation Loiret
Commercial Translation Region Centre
Traductions Juridiques Orleans
Traductions Juridiques Loiret
Traductions Juridiques Region Centre
Traduct Orleans
Traduct Loiret
Traduct Region Centre
Limestone Traduction Orleans
Limestone Traduction Loiret
Limestone Traduction Region Centre
Grafische Gestaltung Orleans
Grafische Gestaltung Loiret
Grafische Gestaltung Region Centre
Wholesale Traduction Orleans
Wholesale Traduction Loiret
Wholesale Traduction Region Centre
Albeit Traduction Orleans
Albeit Traduction Loiret
Albeit Traduction Region Centre
Traducteur Assermenté Orleans
Traducteur Assermenté Loiret
Traducteur Assermenté Region Centre
Relecture Et Révision De Document Orleans
electure Et Révision De Document Loiret
Relecture Et Révision De Document Region Centre