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Translation quality: a top priority

Quality is paramount in our agency and is mainly based on the process described in the European standard ISO 17100:

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    Our translators undergo a translation test during the recruitment process.
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    They translate exclusively into their mother tongue.
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    An in-depth proofreading process is performed by a 2nd translator .electure approfondie est asperformed by a 2nd translator of equivalent skill.

A professional translation must be true to the customer’s source document and use simple grammatical structures reflecting the original style of the source document.
Further to document translation services, ABALIS also provides multiple support services such as localisation and the review or proofreading of written content (see “Our Support Services”).

traduction - abalis

Managing projects from A to Z

One or several project managers are able to manage projects from the quote through to final delivery. In some cases, a single project manager may be allocated to a customer.

Each of the agency’s project managers precisely defines the subject of the source document(s) and their nature during the initial quote request. They will then contact an available translator specialised in this field. The project manager also carries out an upstream technical review of the files during the technical study, which may lead to exchanges with our customers.

This technical study in particular helps guarantee that the page layout of the translated document is identical to that of the source document.

In order to ensure translation consistency, we make sure that the same translator performs all the translations for the same customer in a precise field.

Moreover, in order to take on large-scale projects, we form translation and proofreading teams to help meet the needs of our customers (e.g.: deadline restrictions, etc.).

The vast size of our “translator network” also enables us to take on many urgent requests.

In-depth knowledge in your field

ABALIS is capable of understanding all subject areas. A few examples are cited below:

pictogramme technique - page traduction - abalis traduction


technical manuals, test reports, specification

pictogramme juridique et financier page traduction - abalis traduction


framework agreements, general conditions of purchase, accounting documents, financial reports

pictogramme qualité page traduction - abalis traduction


technical manuals for surgical devices, clinical trials,
patient information leaflets

pictogramme communication marketing page traduction - abalis traduction


websites, brochures, in-house magazines, articles and press releases, advertising slogans

Systematic translation memory and glossary management

In line with our continuous quality improvement approach, ABALIS’ technical team builds translation memories per language and per field, progressively with each multilingual project, and archives these on a server following an IT data security and recording process.

Our expert translators use the translation memories to ensure the consistency of translations over time and to provide coherent international communications.

In order to guarantee a successful translation, a glossary of terms is created at the beginning of each partnership and is subject to joint validation by ABALIS and the customer.

Furthermore, aware of its customers’ requirements in terms of style, ABALIS a has set up a customer-specific style charter with its “translator network“, used to guarantee maintenance of the desired writing style.

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ABALIS presents itself to you as the ideal partner for your international communications!

Feel free to contact us for more information!
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Traduction Juridique Loiret
Traduction Juridique Region Centre
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Traduction Médicale Orleans
Traduction Médicale Loiret
Traduction Médicale Region Centre
Traduction Financière Orleans
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Traduction Financière Region Centre
Traduction Technique Orleans
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Traduction Technique Region Centre
Traduction Scientifique Orleans
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Agence De Traduction Juridique Orleans
Agence De Traduction Juridique Loiret
Agence De Traduction Juridique Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Orleans
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Verhandlungsdolmetschen Orleans
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Agence Traduction Juridique Orleans
Agence Traduction Juridique Loiret
Agence Traduction Juridique Region Centre
Abalis Orleans
Abalis Loiret
Abalis Region Centre
Traduction Touristique Orleans
Traduction Touristique Loiret
Traduction Touristique Region Centre
Verhandlungsdolmetscher Orleans
Verhandlungsdolmetscher Loiret
Verhandlungsdolmetscher Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Tourisme Orleans
Agence De Traduction Tourisme Loire
Agence De Traduction Tourisme Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Marketing Orleans
Agence De Traduction Marketing Loiret
Agence De Traduction Marketing Region Centre
Liaison Interpreting Orleans
Liaison Interpreting Loiret
Liaison Interpreting Region Centre
Interprétariat Orleans
Interprétariat Loiret
Interprétariat Region Centre
Agence Traduction Marketing Orleans
Agence Traduction Marketing Loiret
Agence Traduction Marketing Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Médicale Orleans
Agence De Traduction Médicale Loiret
Agence De Traduction Médicale Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Lyon Orleans
Agence De Traduction Lyon Loiret
Agence De Traduction Lyon Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Professionnelle Orleans
Agence De Traduction Professionnelle Loiret
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Agence De Traduction Multilingue Orleans
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Deaf Traduction Orleans
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Interprétariat Simultané Orleans
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Abalis Traduction Orleans
Abalis Traduction Loiret
Abalis Traduction Region Centre
Agence Traduction Financière Orleans
Agence Traduction Financière Loiret
Agence Traduction Financière Region Centre
Simultandolmetschen Orleans
Simultandolmetschen Loiret
Simultandolmetschen Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Informatique Orleans
Agence De Traduction Informatique Loiret
Agence De Traduction Informatique Region Centre
Konsekutivdolmetschen Orleans
Konsekutivdolmetschen Loiret
Konsekutivdolmetschen Region Centre
Interprète De Liaison Orleans
Interprète De Liaison Loiret
Interprète De Liaison Region Centre
Agence De Traduction Technique Orleans
Agence De Traduction Technique Loiret
Agence De Traduction Technique Region Centre
Simultaneous Interpreter Orleans
Simultaneous Interpreter Loiret
Simultaneous Interpreter Region Centre
Traduction Rse Orleans
Traduction Rse Loiret
Traduction Rse Region Centre
Liaison Interpreting Meaning Orleans
Liaison Interpreting Meaning Loiret
Liaison Interpreting Meaning Region Centre
Simultandolmetschung Orleans
Simultandolmetschung Loiret
Simultandolmetschung Region Centre
Commercial Translator Orleans
Commercial Translator Loiret
Commercial Translator Region Centre
Relecture Traduction Orleans
Relecture Traduction Loiret
Relecture Traduction Region Centre
Sprachkombination Orleans
Sprachkombination Loiret
Sprachkombination Region Centre
Traduction Tourisme Orleans
Traduction Tourisme Loiret
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Traductrice Technique Orleans
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Traductrice Technique Region Centre
Commercial Translation Orleans
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Commercial Translation Region Centre
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Traduct Orleans
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Traduct Region Centre
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Limestone Traduction Region Centre
Grafische Gestaltung Orleans
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Wholesale Traduction Orleans
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Albeit Traduction Orleans
Albeit Traduction Loiret
Albeit Traduction Region Centre
Traducteur Assermenté Orleans
Traducteur Assermenté Loiret
Traducteur Assermenté Region Centre
Relecture Et Révision De Document Orleans
electure Et Révision De Document Loiret
Relecture Et Révision De Document Region Centre